COMPANY Large Marine Engine Parts, Steel-Structure Parts, Vacuum Precision Investment Casting


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Sungil Tubes is a company that specializes in manufacturing and production of vehicle engine parts!

Company Info

Company Info
Company name SUNG-IL TUBES Foundation Date (spin-off) 2011. 09
CEO Ta-Kwan Woo
Address (Hwajeon-dong), 21 Hwajeonsandan 6-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan TEL. 051-972-3553
Industry High pressure tubes, general steel tubes and epoxy tubes, etc. for engines


Hyundai Motor/Ssangyong Motor/STX engine/Doosan Infracore

Global TOP / 
						1. Sincerity for Leading Products : Products based on devotion and sincerity. Based on lots of technology knowhow and experience, Sung IL Tubes are devoted to manufacturing products through strong expertise achieving success of  automotive engine part localization and commercialization. 
						2. Creative Management : Equipment realizing creativity
						SUNG-IL TUBES make utmost efforts to continuous research and development to produce best products through advanced precision casting, coating and test, and analysis devices. 
						3. Trust for Customer Satisfaction : Technology ensuring trust. SUNG-IL TUBES have a wide range of technologies required to manufacture automotive engine parts, which allows for one-stop production.

Vigorous S representing strong passion and harmony

SUNG-IL TUBES CI, alphabet ‘S’ is an integrated identity which represents SUNG-IL TUBES, Sungil Encare and Sungil Turbine. Combination of orange representing sun, blue representing ocean and green representing mother earth based on ‘S’ representing Sung-IL reflects strong harmony and bright future of Sungil Tubes, Sungil Encare and Sungil Turbine which realize their continuous growth.

SUNG-IL TUBES CI download(ai)SUNG-IL TUBES CI download(jpg)



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