COMPANY Large Marine Engine Parts, Steel-Structure Parts, Vacuum Precision Investment Casting


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SUNG-IL TUBES lead strong drive for the future!

Welcome to the SUNG-IL TUBES website. 
					Since its spin-off from Sung IL SIM in 2009 to improve specialization of business lines, SUNG-IL TUBES have grown to become one of the leading manufacturers/producers of automotive engine parts as a subsidiary of SUNG-IL SIM which was founded in 1978.   
					With three key corporate business philosophy such as sincerity, trust and creativity, SUNG-IL TUBES satisfy high demands of customer needs by enhancing quality in accordance with international standards and meeting delivery schedules.   Hoping that customers will continuously show their utmost supports and interests toward SUNG-IL TUBES, all employers and employees in SUNG-IL TUBES promise to make our best efforts to develop domestic automotive engine part industry based on strong corporate entrepreneurship and new mindset.  
					Thanks a lot.